"Dinner with Dan" - Tuesday September 23rd, 2003

Dr Dan Murphy of the Bairo Pite Clinic in Dili, East Timor visited Sydney on Tuesday, September 23, 2003. During a busy day he met Timorese students at Wollongong University, and had productive meetings at medical institutions in Sydney. These meetings were intended to promote co-operation between these facilities and the Bairo Pite Clinic, in order to help address some of the current and future health issues in East Timor.

At a dinner in the evening at Paddington RSL, Dr Dan spoke to a group of interested and appreciative people about his experiences in East Timor, the present state of the clinic and some of his hopes for the future. A short video of footage taken by Vic O'Callaghan at the clinic in East Timor recently was shown and it highlighted some of the special cases needing treatment there at the moment.

Dr Murphy has been inspirational in his dedication to providing free medical care services to the East Timorese people since 1998. He worked through the period in 1999 when the militia brutality was rampant and courageously spoke out publicly against it, whilst governments in the region were in denial. In mid 1999 the Indonesian government required him to leave to get his visa renewed, but when he did they refused to allow him back into East Timor.

In September 1999 he was back, with the Interfet forces, and set up a clinic at Bairo Pite in Dili. Since then the clinic has been providing an expanding range of medical services and has taken on local and overseas training of promising Timorese medical students. Regular visits from foreign doctors have complemented the services available at the clinic. Dr Dan is now looking to further expand the workings of the clinic in order to meet the medical needs of the future in East Timor.

For further information visit the site: bairopiteclinic.tripod.com

There are lots of ways we can help and support Dr Dan Murphy in his great work in East Timor. Of course he needs funding assistance, but also contacts and links with medical people and institutions that might be able to help with the more challenging cases. If you can help in any way, please contact Mike Hartnell on 0419 717382 or email at mikes@magna.com.au

Your support will be greatly appreciated.