The World Students and Youth at this Forum in Baghdad the Capital of Peace, call organisations and people in search of peace and justice. We seek a peaceful resolution to this unjust situation and ask people to make their voices and opinions resonate through out the world.

Our actions should result in the elimination of all-possible US and British threats of aggression on Iraq.

This Forum appeals to the students and youth of the world to acknowledge and support the worldwide popular call for a peaceful resolution to this crisis.

With this in mind we call for the worldwide support and implementation of the following.

1. That the Security Council and the United Nations must recognise and acknowledge the achievements of Iraq and the conclusive evidence that the country is free from all weapons of mass destruction. In addition, it should concede that Iraq does not possess the materials or infrastructure to manufacturer these weapons.

2. It is our intention to build comprehensive economic and cultural relationships around the globe. We call for close contact with organisations and governments in support of our call for the lifting of the economic sanctions imposed on Iraq.

3. We call for maintaining cooperation and support with Non Government Organisations to implement the actions defined at this International Forum.

4. Despite the oppressive nature of Security Council Resolution 1441, Iraq has given full cooperation. This is demonstrated by the opening of its doors for the inspectors of UNMOVIC headed by Hans Blix and the head of the International Atomic Energy Organisation (IAEO), Mohammed El Beradae.

The US plans to Attack Iraq when it has cooperated fully with all requests in relation to Security Council Resolution 1441.

In support of the popular worldwide campaign against this aggression, we call on the students and youth of the world to condemn the activities of this US lead aggression.


5. The world students and youth should participate in the prevention of what will be an extremely dangerous environmental disaster for the whole region and the world. The consequences of the US actions would be felt worldwide and affect the coming generations for decades.

Urgent action needs to be taken to offset the US excuses and allegations for aggression against Iraq.

Actions should be taken against all those that possess a threat to peace and stability in the region.

6. The actions of students and youth in their condemnation against the US aggression should be expanded. Liaison committees should implement that establish and maintain activities that support these aims.

7. An attempt must be made to expand contacts with US and British students and youth organisations to support the completion of the work of the International Inspectors of UNMOVIC and IAEO in Iraq. Resulting in the lifting of the inhuman sanctions of the past 12 years.

8. The Forum urges International Political and Intellectual Personalities to perform activities that reject an unmerited war. We ask African leader Nelson Mandela to lead these Global activities.

9. To organise protest demonstrations by Students, Youth and Teacher organisations globally.

10. This Forum declares that the US "No-fly Zones" imposed on Iraq are contrary to international conventions. Thus a violation of sovereignty causing serious consequences on the society and environment and therefore must be removed immediately.

11. This Forum calls upon all unions and organisations with concerns for the environment and international peace to organise intensive campaigns against the pollution caused by US military operations, Bases and Naval fleets operating globally.

In addition we call for the restriction of other types of pollution made by multi-national companies. This includes, but is not limited to the dumping of nuclear and chemical wastes in Developing Countries to the determent of the environment.

    1. This Forum expresses full solidarity with the Palestinian Students and Youth.

    3. This Forum renews their unwavering support for all Liberal and Nationalist Movements. We call for the renouncement of all forms of hegemony and trusteeships.
    4. This includes economic intervention now prevailing under dubious titles such as Free Trade, Free Market, the International Monetary Fund and other such like organisations, which are deemed detrimental to the environment and national sovereignty.

    5. The Forum calls for the establishment of societies based on Justice, Fairness and Peace. We call for the halting of all forms of intervention and manipulation of the sovereignty of countries and their peoples.
    6. We stress that international organisations must follow the rule of International Law and not be dictated by influential powers.

    7. The Forum supports the current international call for the establishment of an international system based on fair competition, cooperation and concern for human life. And to insure the State’s Rights in their own political affairs and the prevention of intervention in their Governments.
    8. Students and Youth liaison committees should be formed and charged with the task of contacting world governments, parties and organisations with the intent of creatively reinvigorating our relationships.
    9. Setting up a specialised student and youth body to assist Iraqi students and youth in dealing with the ongoing effects of the inhuman sanctions.
    10. Special emphasis should be given to the consequences of the use of depleted uranium munitions by the US and British Forces which has devastated the environment and the health of the population.


    11. We resolve to establish an "Implementation Committee" to oversee and follow up the successful execution of these resolutions. The Head Office is located in Baghdad - Iraq. A Secretary General will be elected at its inaugural meeting.

We support student and youth around the world that pursue peace initiatives and the rejection of war and aggression. We encourage the exerting of pressure on those governments that support war or maintain silence.

We strive for governments to renounce violence and pursue the mechanisms to enable the development of societies based on Understanding, Tolerance and Justice.

With these aims our goal is the achievement of peace in the world.





Students and Youth of the World


21st of February 2003







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